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Commercial, Industrial, Residential
Our Rates are near an Industry Low 
only $100 per hour
$25 truck charge is applied to all service calls under 4 hours
  • Commercial Tenant              Improvements
  • Residential Remodels
  • Lighting Maintenance
  • Lighting Design
  • Equipment Connections
  • Motor Controls
  • Pipe Work
  • House Rewire
  • Replace Receptacles
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Surge Suppression
  • Ballast Replacement
  • Recessed Lighitng
  • Add a Receptacle
  • Install new circuits
  • Motion/Proximity lighting
  • Intercom voice/video
  • Drive-Thru Intercom
  • Flat Screen Television
  • Additions/Granny Flats
  • Service Upgrades
  • Sub-panels Installed
  • Whole House Fans
    • Dedicated Computer Circuits
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Outdoor Lighting
    • Retrofits to Energy Saving Ballast/Lamps
  • Home Theater
  • Air Conditioner Hook-Ups
  • Kitchen Remodels
  • CCTV Security Systems
  • Video Doorbell
  • Telephone Wiring
  • Computer Network Wiring
  • Cable/Satellite Wiring
    In many homes we tend to see similar issues.  These issues generally are somewhat easy to correct and can be accomplished quickly and generally with little to no damage* to your walls or ceiling. 
    Some of these issues we have identified are:
    Not Enough Power
    Many times people will want to add a large draw electrical item such as a Spa, Air Conditioning, Kiln, etc.  The problem they encounter may be that their existing electrical panel does not have enough power to run the house and the new item.  This will many times lead to a service upgrade.  One of the many benefits of an upgrade of an older service panel is the new service panel will be grounded.  Grounding is very important for many of the electronic devices we use in our homes today (computers, plasma screens televisions, kitchen appliances, etc.)  Many times a 200-amp service upgrade can be performed for about $2000.
    Too few receptacles in living spaces
    Generally older homes have only one or two outlets in a room.  With all today’s electronics, there are generally not enough places to plug in our electronics.  We tend to see unsafe extension cords as a permanent solution.  Many times we can add a receptacle to a room for about $125.
    Too few receptacles in the Kitchen
    Generally older homes have only a couple outlets in the kitchen.  With all today’s kitchen appliances, there are generally not enough places to plug in our appliances.   We tend to see cords draped across countertops to plug in the refrigerator, oven or other appliance.  Many times we can add a receptacle to your kitchen for about $125.
    Circuits overloaded
    Many times so many things are on the same electrical circuit that people have to be careful of what electrical items they are using at the same time.  Many times we can add a new circuit for about $120.  (Breaker types and styles can affect this cost)
    Inadequate lighting
    In many homes we find that there is little or no overhead lighting.  When a lighting fixture is present, people tend to screw in a high wattage lamp that many time runs hotter then the fixture was designed to handle.  This can cause a fire hazard.  We can replace an existing lighting fixture with a new customer provided lighting fixture usually with a minimum service call fee.  We can generally add a new customer provided lighting fixture with a new switch with for about $150.
    Install recessed lighting
    Many people want to make their home look more modern.  One way to achieve this is to add recessed lighting.  Recessed lighting fixtures tend to provide a clean smooth look to the ceiling.  In many cases we can add a recessed fixture to your home for as little as $120 including the fixture.
    Exposed wires
    A very common occurrence is to see surface mounted exposed wires.  These wires are generally cable television wires or telephone wires, and sometimes even electrical wires.  Outside exposed wires are subject to the elements and animals that like to chew on the wire.  We even see surface mounted wiring inside homes often going up and over doorways or under carpets.  What many people don’t know is that many of these unsightly wires actually carry an electrical current that can possibly hurt you or your pet.  It is usually very easy to contain these wires within the walls, basements, and attic areas. 
    Tenant Improvements
    Often when you rent or lease you business space, it comes as a white box.  Many times you will need to design the space to meet your needs.  This requires designing a lighting plan and well a receptacle layout and design.  We can help you with each step of your planning.  We will help ensure that your electrical needs are meet for your business now and in the future.
    Lighting Design and Installation
    We understand the difference in style and types of lighting.  Weather you are operating an office, restaurant, store.  We can help relieve eyestrain due to poor or inadequate lighting, create a desirable atmosphere, and show your product with the best lighting designs and installation available. 
    Lighting Maintenance
    How many times have you walked into a store or building and half the lights are burned out or not working?  This gives you a bad impression of that business, and your customers are no different.  We can help you maintain your lights helping to ensure the best possible impression to your customers.  Good lighting helps ensure the safety of your employees.  This can help control or reduce the number of accidents due to inadequate lighting.
    Service Upgrades
    Many times when your business is growing, you are more concerned about getting that new piece of machinery up and working for you that you many have overlooked the electrical power requirements.  You may need an electrical service upgrade on your building.  We can help you determine if a service upgrade in necessary, and give you a free estimate on the cost of this upgrade.
    Dedicated Circuits & Conduit Runs
    Many time a new piece of equipment/machinery means needing a new conduit run to the equipment/machinery with a dedicated circuit.  We make sure that if the conduit is exposed, it is a nice, clean, secure installation (too many times we see conduit run in a horizontal or vertical fashion).  We also insure that all wiring will meet or exceed the power demands of your equipment (motor load start-up demands are often forgot about)
    3-Phase & Motor Controls
    Need help with that phase converter? 
    Don’t know why your 3-Phase motor is running backwards? 
    Relays on your equipment not working properly? 
    Voltage irregularities causing problems with your equipment? 
    Improperly grounded equipment or tables causing your electronics to fail prematurely?
    For all these issues and many more please give us the opportunity to provide you with a free estimate.
    Even the call is FREE at
    (888) 430-ZAPP (9277)
    *      When damage might be necessary we can provide basic patch.  Basic patching is generally fine in most cases, but due to the fact that we are not drywallers, we do not grantee any patching.   Painting and paint matching is the responsibility of the customer.
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